Who can host a radio show?
Anybody can. That means you or your youth group can. There are a few prerequisites.

This is a Christian Radio station and you need to play Christian music. But we want you to play the Christian music you like. We figure if you like it there must be somebody else out there that will like it as well, so go for it.

We do require that you can submit to our operational Statement of Faith (as issued by the National Association of Evangelicals) and that you are a born-again Christian with a testimony.
* Does it matter which church I attend?
No, not really, as long you can adhere to the statement and the philosophy of the station we’re glad to have you aboard.

However we do require that you attend a local Bible believing church and that you are in good standing with the Body of Christ in the region. If you have any unresolved conflict with a local church or local pastor, we require that you reconcile that disagreement before you are allowed to promote the cause of Christ and the unity of the Body on the station.
* Are there any musicals styles that you don’t want to hear?
Well, yes, there are many styles we don’t particularly want to hear, but we recognize there are just as many people that might want to hear that. So the answer is “No, not really.” We want people to be encouraged in the Lord and learn about what kind of music is out there.

Since we are the only station playing Christian music we seek to be as diverse as possible. We particularly want to be a blessing to teens, so we’re open to whatever teens want to hear. It’s probably not what we want to hear, but so what?

* Do DJs get to preach on the air?
No! Did we say No? Let us say it again. No!

The only teaching we have is by nationally recognized Bible teachers with proven track records of ministry. All teachers need to fall within the doctrinal and ethical standards of the station.

You can talk about the bands, the music, how good Jesus is, but no teaching, theological opinion or promotion of distinctive unique to your group.. No you can’t do that.

* Can I promote my church during the block of music?
Not really. Once we allow one church to promote their ministry we have to let all the churches do that and we’re not at this time prepared to do that.

Talk about Jesus, talk about God’s love, the artists, the music, but try to refrain from promoting any local church since your audience is comprised of people from many churches and denominations as well many unchurched believers and non-Christians. You’ve been invited to introduce people to good Christian music and the artist you like to listen to. Let the music and the artists speak for themselves.

* Can our church broadcast our services on the radio station?
Most likely the answer is “no,” but then again maybe. We feel the station is best served by an editorial viewpoint that picks teaching from a variety of evangelical teachers with proven national or regional radio ministries.  The majority of the teaching programs will be expository teachers and those who are well equipped to handle topical issues intelligently and practically.

There are at least 85 evangelical churches in eastern Connecticut and western Rhode Island. If we give preference and privilege to one, we need to give preference and privilege to all and presently we are not prepared to do this.

However, we do recognize that there are local churches that have something very valuable to give to segments of the population. We are more than willing to consider such broadcasts and may even approach churches to produce such broadcasts. Our desire is to serve the population and meet the specific needs of it. Nevertheless the majority of locally produced teaching will come directly from Calvary Chapel in Montville and even that will be only a small segment of the teaching aired daily.

* Will there be a “Community Calendar” that we can announce events on?
Well, that depends on what you mean by “community.” We would definitely consider a Billy Graham Crusade a community event. We would not consider a special guest speaker at a singles group or at a regularly scheduled church service a “community event.”

Community “events” as we understand them are geared towards the whole community, Christian and non-Christian, and cross-denominational lines in a broad context of organizational unity. That unity would include the charismatic and non-charismatic churches working together. We would be eager to promote events put on by Billy Graham, Focus on the Family, Campus Crusade for Christ and other multi and inter-denominational ministries. If an event is truly a community event we would be eager to promote it.